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Taking things to the next level as a professional entertainer I have dj'd and hosted over 700 weddings, from laid back beach weddings, or rowdy barn receptions, to elegant country clubs, ballrooms, museums, hi-rises, universities & more!

Having two distinct influences to my DJing, both as an artistically oriented club mix dj, and as a  service oriented private event Host/MC/DJ. I feel that I offer something that no other dj in the area can. I understand the variety of guests and musical tastes at any event, and I have a passion for blending styles to create something as unique as the crowd at your wedding.A "custom mix" for every occasion. YOUR Mix!

In addition to mixing, I also take pride in hosting events on the microphone with the formality and honor that goes with introducing distinguished guests, events, and getting creative to get your crowd involved in any special ideas that you and your wedding party may have. Without awkward silences, or interruptions.

I have honestly not found one thing involved with DJing that I cannot do, in 15 years.

I love my job and I look forward to proving it to you, and your guests!

- Teddy Mueller AKA T. Rux

17 Years of experience...

I've been DJing since I was 14, when I was  first exposed to Electronic Dance Music. Raised  by a high school public speaking teacher & actor/singer, I've been told that I was "raised to be a DJ". 

I started as a professional Wedding & Corporate event DJ 5 years later in 2004, when I was 19. Having worked simultaneously for 3 Premier DJ Services since, in 2012 I began my own company, "Your Mix Entertainment" at the age of 28.

My DJ origins in the dance music scene led to several tours and many national performances,

sometimes to crowds as large as 5000+ people.

Exclusivity:  One Wedding per day... YOURS!

Unlike my competition, I do not utilize multiple systems with part-time DJs. This allows me to personally be a part of your planning process from start to finish. During a face to face consultation months in advance, we begin to create a detailed itinerary of the day's events. Because of the focus I take with each couple, over a longer period of time, I get to know the two of you, well enough that  we can create something that trulyrepresents you. Buy a DJ, & get a event coordinator for free! ;-) I also travel with an assistant so that in case something happens to me, or you need an extra hand, we are prepared!

Mixing: More Music = More Dancing

By blending songs together as a club during the "open dance" portions of the party, I play upwards of 35% more music than most wedding djs. While some slow songs & classics should be played all the way out, how many times do you really need to hear LMFAO reaffirm that they are "Sexy, and they know it" before you really get the idea? By using songs as tools to take the party in the direction you choose, I cater to more styles and play more favorites to involve more of your guests! If a song doesn't work, I switch it up instantly. I always incorporate guests requests, and simply do not allow empty dance floors, EVER!

Check out some examples of my mixes by clicking here!

Technology:  Modern, reliable, & part of your decor!

LED Uplighting digitally paints your room & all of my fabric-covered gear in the colors of your wedding theme!. NO corny, flashing, or strobing lights,  wires or poles. I use ONLY HD Speakers and Wireless Microphones for your dance, dinner and Ceremony. I carry a  massive 150,000+ song collection with constant connection to downloads through Free Mobile WiFi, for our DJ, Photobooth & YOU! Of course I ALWAYS carry backups! Finally, throughout the planning process we utilize a cloud storage system so you can keep me in the loop with all of your planning, have constant access to all of our planning documents, the custom made Your Mix Planner Document, and any music we might download. All on the same computer that will be used during your event or on your mobile device!


Hosting:  Efficient and Formal Event Coordination

Details, timing, style and making your night as fun & stress-free as possible, is MY passion! Hosting the event on the microphone in a subtle style that keeps things moving, and keeps your guests informed, without being obnoxious or attracting too much attention to the DJ. So you can let loose and enjoy your night, while I do the work, of coordinating vendors, events, and the dancefloor!

DJ Service Includes

Call or email for current pricing. Please note that pricing on Maui and the Mainland United States differ greatly so be sure to let me know of your date and location when you contact! Thanks!

No extra charges, No Limits!

(Further discounts available based upon your specific needs!)

  • Planning & Coordination - By Creating a detailed minute by Minute itinerary of the days events 3 months in advance, then working directly with other vendors to coordinate everything on the big day. You get the peace of mind of a coordinator, and master of ceremonies as well as a DJ!
  • Unlimited music time - Its your day, and I will be there for you from start to finish, no matter what that means. No extra Chrages, No limits.
  • FREE Ceremony sound - Speakers, processional music and microphones, all managed by a professionally trained audio engineer. Same or separate location, we are there!
  • Exclusive Service Commitment - Unlike my competition, I only DJ one wedding per day. YOURS! You choose me, you get me, not a part-time DJ.
  • Full multi-color lighting system -  I cover all of my gear in elastic white linens called "Scrims" that illuminate with the colors of your theme! I can even change the color of the dance floor with beautiful LED Aqua lights! SEE PICTURES HERE! And VIDEOS HERE!
  • FREE Dinner and Cocktail Hour Music/Microphones for background music, speeches, and announcements. Ask me about Trivia, Glass Clinking alternatives, and other fun things to host the dinner portion of the evening!
  • Personal Consultation 3 months in advance - I will schedule time with you and your fiance to brainstorm and help you plan what you already know, and identify what you still need to decide months in advance. Tell me EXACTLY what you want, or we can create together from my past experience of over 500 weddings over the last 16 years!
  • ​Custom Playlists - During your consultation, you and I will decide EXACTLY what plays, and when, and what does not play at all. It's my goal to create YOUR MIX! Plus, from my years as a club DJ, I can mix and mashup music so that I play more songs, and styles to reach more of your guests while keeping the pace moving quickly on the dancefloor.
  • Insured Business, with Backup Equipment and DJs, in the unlikely case of an emergency.Both of us are covered!
  • Travel on Maui Included - no extra charges!
  • ​150,000+ Song Database w/ Mobile WiFi - This means if you want to hear a song, I can get it, no matter what.
  • A well-dressed, professional entertainer, along with an assistant for backup. No goofy vests, or signs advertising my company. Service industry professionals.
  • Ask about your $150 discount on our Photobooth!

What makes Your Mix Different?